Frequently asked questions

To make life easier we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with answers. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact our customer service.

Mittaamme kaukolämmön kuluksen etäluettavilla mittareilla, joten lämpölaskusi perustuvat toteutuneeseen kulutukseen.

District heating

Do you have questions about cooling rates, remote meter reading or the ecological aspects of district heating on your mind? Open the page and see the answers.

Customer benefits

What is a mobile customer card? Can I have another card for a family member? Open the page and read more about our customer benefits.


Why are my wintertime bills so high? Why do I receive two electricity bills? How can I change to electronic billing? Answers to these and other questions about billing are found here.

Moving house

Moving house is always a busy time, but don't forget to make an electricity contract for your new home. When buying or selling properties also remember to transfer your contracts. For more information, read on.

Service interruptions

We have no electricity, but the lights seem to be on in our neighbour's house. Radiators feel cold too. What should we do? Read on for answers to frequently asked questions concerning service interruptions.