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Young people's joy at scoring a goal.
Young people's joy at scoring a goal.

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Oulun Energia Group is part of daily life in the Oulu region. Every year, we support child and youth work, sports, arts and culture via marketing cooperation.

We conduct marketing cooperation with a wide range of local organisations, communities, and events. Our partners promote, for example, arts, culture, junior activities, and sports. Through cooperation, we want to promote the vitality of the Oulu region and the well-being of its residents.

We hope that our partners will promote equality in their operations and act responsibly, fairly, and transparently. A carbon-neutral future ia an important goal for us, which is why we do not sponsor motorsports. In sport-related cooperation, we make agreements with sports clubs, rather than individual teams or athletes. With this, we aim to ensure equal treatment among the sports club's teams and individual athletes. In their application, we ask the partner to specify how the financial support will be distributed equally between men, women, and junior teams (see "More information about your project or community"). Oulun Energia focuses on long-term cooperation with student organisations instead of individual events or overalls sponsorships.

There can be many forms of cooperation. In the application, tell us, for example, about marketing opportunities and the visibility of social media that you could offer to Oulun Energia. You can also tell us about the benefits that our possible cooperation could bring to Oulun Energia's customers. Creative ideas are also welcome, and a well-drafted application draws attention. In addition to general sponsorship, you can also apply for support for a specific event or campaign.

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Please read the selection criteria above carefully before you complete and submit your application. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Applications will be processed monthly, after which we will inform the contact person of the decision. Please note that we only accept applications via the online form below.

An application cannot be submitted by a person who works for or belongs to the Oulun Energia Group. We do not conclude more than one contract per year with the same partner.

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