Tarja Väyrynen

Tarja Väyrynen gets to follow the energy industry's fast progress from a front row seat at Oulun Energia. She has long worked with tasks regarding the environment. At the moment Tarja works with environmental permits, responsibility matters and peat resources. In her free time she goes birdwatching, always in awe of nature's wonders.

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Merikoski fishway

Merikoski fishway, a well-known landmark in Oulu, provides a path for migrating fish to swim upriver from the sea past the Merikoski hydro power plant. From the migrating fish, especially salmon has attracted interest in public. In 2018, a record of 2 000 salmon migrated through the Merikoski fishway.

Before building the Merikoski fishway, migrating fish could not get past the Merikoski dam for nearly 60 years. The Merikoski fishway has now been standing for 15 years, allowing the gene pools of both the fish from the sea and from the river to mix again.