Is your green electricity produced by using renewable sources of energy?

Green electricity is an environmentally friendly choice. How to ensure that the electricity you are buying is produced with renewable energy sources?

Companies are able to decrease their carbon footprint and communicate to their customers about company’s environment values by using green electricity. However, it is good to ensure that the electricity is as green as electricity supplier has promised: almost all the Finnish electricity suppliers either sell or market green electricity that is produced by using renewable sources. 

What is green and renewable energy production?

The point of renewable energy production is to cause as little harm to the environment by not polluting as much in order to not advance climate change. It does not deplete our rare energy sources as much either. It is also important that we do not cause harm to our children and grandchildren.

Green electricity is produced by using wind- and waterpower, and utilizing bio fuels. Solar power is used more by the day: it is profitable and energy-efficient choice. Nonrenewable sources of energy are e.g. coal and oil. More than two thirds of emissions are from use of fossil fuels.

Ensuring the origin of electricity

The meaning of Green Electricity -certificate is to advance the use of renewable energy sources. When you see the Green Electricity -certificate, you can be sure about the origin of your electricity. Both companies and consumers have the freedom to decide their electricity’s production method.

How does the certification of electricity work? Electricity producer and electricity supplier will make an announcement to Fingrid of their energy amount that is produced by using renewable energy sources. The electricity supplier will receive the same amount of certificates, which ensures that the electricity is produced with renewable energy sources. According to law, electricity supplier must make an annual announcement to its customers about the energy breakdown of sold electricity.

Eco-label is an act of responsible choice

You have the freedom to choose how your electricity is produced in almost all of our electricity products. You can choose from wood and waterpower, wind power or solar power. When companies are buying green electricity from us, they will receive an eco-label. Eco-label is a sign of responsible and environmentally friendly choice. As our customer, you have the freedom to choose how much your company is willing to use renewable sources of electricity.

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